Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

(2) in Daily -ends-

Sometime if you met new things in your life, everything would gonna be fascinating.

The sentence above, is conclusion for my lonely and speechless life in Kagoshima. Everything was new. Can you remind Meggi Z songs? "makan, makan sendiri. nyuci baju sendiri, bla bla bla seeen diriii ...." .. yah, closely like those lyrics. I went clean up my (full of mini-cochroaches) room, washed the dishes (argh... I was sooo lazy for this stuff), washed all my clothes and cooked all my breakfast and dinner by myself.. yap, 'by myself' means very comlplicated for me. Since I was born in 24 years a go, I stood behid my mama-papa's back. That was shameful, wasn't it?

But amazingly, I had enjoyed all those things. You can imagine that my lips went smile during cleaning up or cooking, although my lonely life still messy. hehe..

Because of my programs was not A full scholarship (I only NO need to purchase education&accomodation payment), I had to manage my living cost all by my self. Morever, The living cost in Japan is around 4th or 5 th highest in the world! Especially for food, uhm, for example, you have to ready 500-1500 yen in your pocket (1yen = 100rupiah) for only once time eat. And either did transportation cost, communication, etc etc .. huhhh.. If you will life there, you shouldn't convert anyprice to rupiah, except you want your brain going cramp.hehe

Everyday, I went to the hospital by walking on ascending way, it tooks 20-25 minutes. It's a little tough for me at the beggining, but it's going to be like healthy habbit for my low extrimity's muscle and my lungs immunity. (alhamdulillah, I had never fallen to ill condition there)

If I had sparetime, I ran some of my afternoon by bicycling around the city, I went to explore what there were in my radius 2-3 kilometers around my accomodation place. There were 2 Mall, so many shop and so many delicious-looks restourant. Walking around this city by bicycle is the one of my entertainment, feeling the light wind blow, looking at the cute Japanese girl with hotpans everywhere, and no body cares you (yeah, Japanese people is the most passive people in the world). That all so lovely for me! wuuuuh, I miss those day huhuuuu....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

(1) in Daily

It was 8 weeks (From the beginning of May until The end of June) I went through those study program. I joined almost all of the activity (which I could join and My profesor ask me to joined) at Neurosurgery(NS) Departement, Faculty of Medicine, Kagoshima University, Japan.

There were so many members compare with NS dept. in my hospital here (Kariadi). 1 professor, 7 staff of NS, and lot of NS residents (around 11-12 peoples) . Coincidentally, These departement was A kind of International outlook departement, some of international students became NS resident, one from Nepal, and one from Indonesia and from Colombia. I was the first student for this studentexchance program there. English is not the one of requirment for this program. (since language and writing were the paramount problem to study in Japan). so I didn't need to study Japanese languange in serious way.. hehe

Prof. Kazunori Arita was my professor. He was is one of famous Neurosurgeon in Japan (especially in Adenoma case). For me, he like my father and my great teacher at once.
He asked me to make a study about intraoperative MRI(iMRI) during my program. So everyday, beside attended to NS departement activity, I studied about that (iMRI and some patients case using iMRI).

Generally, In my opinion, we were left behind too far, the educational systems, the health insurrance systems, bla bla bla, and especially the Technology..
In braveness, I can use analogy that currently, for cooking, we still used fire-wood stove, but they had used digital&electric stove..
ironic, right? but I don't have competency to talk about our (trouble) country, yet..

I think, this program really work for me, i got very lot of experiences and it open my mind in all side. And I hope I can comeback to study here. Amiin.

Overall I love Japan (for study, and for life, there)

*I am sorry for bad english, I know my grammar is miserable. hehe
*oya, u can see in some photo image , they taken in University Hospital, Kagoshima.

2&3. Studying with other med.students
4. microsurgery tryning
5. The proffesor's teaching about imaging
6.farewell party with NS staff, secretaries, and students.
7. w/ Prof.Arita & Oyosi sensei (my mentor)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

petualangan sherina

hei hei
sudah lama kita tak bersua ya teman?
langsung aja, jadi kemarin itu setelah menyelesaikan program pendidikan yang sangat pendek di Kagoshima University, saya melakukan sebuah petualangan (yang so far) terdasyat selama hidup saya.

Saya pergi ke beberapa kota Jepang, memakai bus dan kereta (sebagai pilihan transportasi termurah), sendiri, membawa (hanya) sebuah ransel dan sebuah kamera pinjaman (untung sekali dapat pinjaman, karena kamera punya saya rusak).

Kagoshima, kota yang saya asali ini sebagai mana di posting sebelumnya disini, terletak di ujung selatan jepang, jarak 2 jam dengan pesawat, 18-20 jam dengan bus. bisa ngira2nya kan?
iya, dan perjalanan saya sengaja saya rancang dengan rute Kagoshima-Tokyo(ter-utara dalam peta perjalanan saya)#2hari-Matsumoto#2hari-Osaka(transit)-Kyoto#3hari-Hiroshima#1hari-Fukuoka(transit)#1/2hari-Kagoshima. kira kira perjalanan ini memakan waktu saya selama 9 hari bersih.

pengalaman yang menakjubkan. meninggalkan kesan hebat dalam hormon saya.

secara kontinyu, akan saya share dalam tulisan-tulisan berikutnya okeeeh =]