Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January's 2nd bite: Chocomoon

Honey is too sweet for me. I prefer chocolate. So, i choose to use chocomoon than honey.. Hehe

Finally, after 8months we got married, we have time to make our chocomoon happen. 

We've been to Gili Trawangan, west NusaTenggara for 4days. Why gili? There was no vehicle there except horse and bicycle, only 7k distance circumference this island, you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset easily, you can run around with no sweat. Hehe
And i really love to do snorkling there, cheap snorkling tools rental, cheap 3gili's trip ( only 100.000 IDR spent the whole day snorkling to gili air, gili meno,& gili trawangan. )

We transit at Lombok before went to Gili. We rent a car (include driver) for 300.000 IDR to drop us to public dock/horbour where it took 3hours by car from lombok airport.  Then we went across to Gili Trawangan by publicboat (only 13.000 IDR, save, and fascinating, only took 40mnt). You can rent the speedboat also, 10mnt trip, but you have to pay 300-400.000 IDR to rent it. Not recomended.

We're not prepare this trip properly. First night, we stay at 'random' hostel, the day after, we got a good place. 'Coral Blue' hostel, direct to seasore at the east, 1km from horbour, good room, with a pool outside, only 600.000 IDR/night ( better than another seasore direct hotel, 1milion IDR/night in average ).
We went back to lombok in same way we got Gili from lombok.

We really enjoy this first chocomoon. 

*sorry for bad english, hehe*

Friday, January 24, 2014

January's first bite: between east and south Jakarta.

My first niece, the first grandchild of the Muttaqiens, the cuttest baby with the thickest hair ever, s celebrating her 1th birthday!

As a legal couple, this was the first time for me&my wife went together remote place from our home to family-thing. Icha has the big big family as mine. Fortunately her fam agregate, hehe, at east Jakarta. And my sister, live at south. u know, in the fact, 10-20km distance at Jakarta city is like 30-40km time comsuming outer  Jakarta. If u have been this capital city of Endonesia,u'll feel it. the traffic here s Chaos!

We made our time apart to Icha's at the east first 2days and the south for the next 2days.  

This was special, the feeling when u must manage ur time for two family which both of them were yours now. =]

*image 1: malika's birthday party
*image 2: lunch with Icha's jakartaens family